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Fungonis Gel - is a new bio technology designed specially to combat dermatophytic infections. Gel with high concentration of active ingredients affects species of cutaneous fungi being pathogenic for humans and is necessary if at the moment there are signs of dermatophytic infections in the body or in case when a person suffers from this problem for sufficiently long period.

Fungonis Gel - is a symbiosis of traditional medicine with the latest achievements in technology and science. Its components affect the matrix of the fungus itself, as a result of which fungal spores are eliminated, making its further spreading impossible. If the problem is solved in a timely manner, the fungal “network” will lose the opportunity to spread throughout the body. It is the gel-like texture that promotes uniform distribution over the dermal and nail surfaces, which is very important in combating the fungus. A high degree of penetration helps to solve the problem with the fungus as qualitatively and as precisely as possible. Product that is aimed at:

● elimination of nail fungus during course use of the product
● restoration of the stratum corneum and the nail surface
● decrease in the likelihood of recurrence of a fungal infection

Combination of active ingredients not only eliminates the fungus, but also eliminates the very cause of the disease - a fungal infection.